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FAQ Delete hedgehog

The extinguishing hedgehog was created to offer emergency services an increased safety distance and thus significantly increase self-protection!

The extinguishing urchin is attached to a plug-in ladder section, which is locked into a plug-in ladder B-section and connected to a Storz B-hose. Thanks to the castors, the extinguishing hedgehog can then be moved without much effort. The ladders as a means of transportation make it possible to maintain an increased safety distance and use existing rescue equipment.

The extinguishing urchin is particularly suitable for industrial and indoor fires, as there is a large range of movement available for the ladder. The extinguishing urchin can support the suppression of toxic gases and aerosols as well as the cooling of containers. In the event of forest fires, the extinguishing urchin can cut a path or be used as a stationary sprinkler.

The metal of the ladder can withstand such use up to 200° without any relevant changes to the material. Nevertheless, the ladder must be inspected by a competent equipment operator after each use. The ladder is constantly cooled by the fire extinguisher, and temperatures near the ground are generally not that high.

The extinguishing hedgehog weighs only approx. 8 kg.


Volume flow

5 bar

320 l/min

7 bar

375 l/min

10 bar

450 l/min

The standard configuration consists of 12 nozzles.

The nozzles can be replaced quickly and easily using standard tools.

Depending on the loading concept, the extinguisher can be placed on the roof or suspended from the protective bracket.

The extinguishing gel can be used with wetting agent. However, it is not possible to produce a thick, suffocating foam.

The Löschigel is available from our sales partner Dönges. Click here to go directly to the store:
Extinguishing angel, 12 nozzles, standard version | Dönges (doenges-rs.de)


Every application that can be covered! The modular design means there are no limits.

SnakE is primarily designed for extinguishing electric vehicle fires; by directly cooling the high-voltage batteries from below with 60 l/min up to 100 /min. SnakE therefore complies with the current recommendations for firefighting tactics for vehicles with electric drives.

 With our add-on set, the SnakE forest fire spray bar, SnakE is also suitable as a retrofit spray bar for existing vehicles.

Furthermore, a level 1 emergency decon can be set up quickly and easily with SnakE and 2 scaling ladders.

The extinguishing tactic recommended by the DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) and the AGBF (German Association of Professional Fire Departments) for electric vehicle fires is, in most cases, targeted cooling of the vehicle underbody with water.  

One specialist publication explicitly advises against extinguishing systems that penetrate the battery! 

In the latest publication "Instructions for firefighting lithium-ion batteries in vehicle fires" dated 29.11.2023, the DGUV explicitly advises against wet quarantine as a rule.

In particular, a preventive wet quarantine without signs of an actively reacting lithium-ion battery should be avoided.

The powerful nozzles atomize the water to a Droplet size of 300 µm - 500 µm, the cooling effect is drastically increased! The resulting vapor formation even creates an additional embroidery effect. The spray mist also prevents the fire from burning through. 

SnakE also works with a normal domestic water connection and a wall hydrant. 

SnakE weighs approx. 2kg 

Roughly calculated approx. 20 l/min per nozzle.

With 4 nozzles, this results in the following relationship.

PressureVolume flow
3 bar72.12 l/min
5 bar92.32 l/min
7 bar105.64 l/min
10 bar121.84 l/min

SnakE is supplied in a 60cm x 40cm x 12 cm EuroBox delivered.

This makes SnakE ideal for subsequent loading onto fire engines.

The loading devices are designed for these dimensions. 

We are currently working on special nozzles to SnakE with foam.

However, foam is not recommended for most applications. 

The official recommendation is also to use normal extinguishing water when fighting fires in electric vehicles.

The discharge of contaminated extinguishing water into the environment is already greatly reduced with SnakE compared to other systems. 

For additional extinguishing water retention, we recommend a Recover-E-Bag. 

FAQ easyToilet SOS

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The zippers are used for inspection, so the easyToilet can be repaired without any problems.

The easyToilet SOS inflatable toilet weighs just 17 kg.

8 easyToilet SOS can be stacked on a Euro pallet.